Wood Replacement


Wood replacement allows for absolute removal of a drywood termite infestation if it is isolated to a wood member which can be detached relatively easily, as for example, a fascia board,siding,trim,sheathing,rafter tails, or a door. Make certain that there are no galleries leading to adjacent wood members, otherwise, they will also require treatment or removal.

This is an area where we excel! Our customers have given us consistently high marks on our wood work projects. Whether we are doing wood replacement or wood repair, we ensure that the quality of our work is unmatched.

If your home is or was under attack by these little insects, we are here to help.  Our specialty is repairing termite damaged wood members, such as your framing,FASCIA,SHEATHING,RAFTER TAILS.SIDING,TRIM. These little bugs are actually really good to our Eco system, they help the fallen dead trees and branches in our forests decompose much faster. Here we are cutting down forests and building homes in the termite’s back yard… and we build our homes out of dead trees! (Who thought of that idea?) The statistics say that every third home in the OC/LA area has termites. No need to worry, if you do have this problem, we have solutions to treat and  correct the current problem and help you keep these critters away.Our Home Repair Experts Can Fix Termite Damage to Your Home Quickly and Affordably!Termites are a homeowners worst nightmare. They eat wood and will eat away at your home’s foundation over time. Termites often target your wall studs and rafters in the roof. If you recently found out that termites have invaded your home, you need to know what you can do to repair the damage.,Our termite repair specialists have decades of experience in repairing termite damage in OC/LA area homes. You don’t have to live in fear that termites will destroy your home while you are sleeping. Whether you see or suspect termite damage in your home, give us a call so we can find it and fix it!’Affordable Termite Repair in Your Area Chances are, you have seen photos on the internet of termite damage done to homes. You have also seen comical commercials of what termites can do to your home while you sleep. We will come to your home to assess the damage done from termites and we will provide you with a free quote on how much it will cost to repair. Our company offers affordable termite repair and treatment services, so your bank account won’t fade away like homes do when termite damage goes unrepaired. What Termites Often Damage In Your Home Termites are small pests that can fit in nearly any opening. If there is a crack in your home’s foundation, they can get in. Small cracks that go unrepaired can cost you a lot more in the long run because termites will eat away at your home’s rafters, wall studs, floors, and the roof. No matter where you find termite damage in your home, our termite repair specialists  are here to fix it! Termites cause serious structural damage to home so it is prudent for you to call us as soon as you suspect that your home has termites.Receive a Free In-Home Estimate we know the struggles homeowners face once they realize their home is infested with termites. Through our years of experience in repairing termite damage, we know exactly what to do once we assess the damage done to your home. One of our termite repair specialists will come to your home to provide you with a free, no obligation quote to let you know how much it will cost to make your home structurally sound again. We are a licensed & bonded termite company repair contractor, and you can count on us to make your home like new again. Our experts will walk you through the entire process, from start to finish, making sure all your questions are answered. So if you think your home has termite damage, you can give us a call today to schedule your free, in-home estimate.


It doesn't matter where in your home you need dry rot repair, we've got everything that it takes to ensure that your house is in great shape from top to bottom, and completely free of rotting, dried out wooden structures. Our well trained, friendly and expert craftsmen are glad to do what it takes to get your home back into perfect condition. It doesn't matter whether you're experiencing some minor dry rot in your wooden siding, flooring, or other parts of your home, or need entire structures repaired and replaced; our professionals are sure to have what you need. When it comes to making sure that your home is in its best condition, it's a huge relief to be able to work with a reliable contractor that you can really count on. We take a lot of pride in being that contractor, and work very hard to deliver the kind of comfort and peace of mind that goes hand in hand with consistently reliable services.When you choose us for all of your home's dry rot repair, you're choosing a top notch company that's dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience, and to maintaining the beauty and value of your home. Dry rot can attack your house in several different places, but there's no need to worry; our expert technicians have the experience necessary to find and repair dry rot wherever it's hiding. We do everything that we can to be the perfect dry rot repair specialists for you, and we're positive that you'll be able to tell by our superior workmanship and great customer service. Keeping up to date with industry standards, modern techniques and best practices is our second nature, so you'll never need to question whether your repairs were done in the best possible way. If you've located dry rot damage in your home, don't hesitate to give us a call!40 years of repair and renovation experience Family owned and operated company Dry rot repair that you can trust, with a 5 Year Warranty Dedicated to a superior customer experience When it comes to delivering high quality dry rot repair services, we don't cut any corners. When you choose us for your dry rot repair, you're choosing a top of the line contractor that absolutely guarantees efficient, complete and lasting repairs on every single project. Our company has been repairing, remodeling and renovating homes for more than 40 years, and we're confident that we've got the experience it takes to handle your home repairs no matter what. Dry rot repair gets more expensive the longer it goes unchecked –Call us at 714-396-9034 today to get details and pricing As a family owned and operated business, we do everything that we can to build and maintain great, long lasting relationships with our customers. Choosing us for all of your home repair needs means that you can expect a serious dedication to your overall experience, and a commitment to using only the finest products and best-trained craftsmen. If your home is suffering from dry rot, don't hesitate to call us today! Our staff are glad to answer any questions that you have about the dangers of dry rot or what our services can do for you.