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"About Fascia The primary use for these boards in home construction is to help secure the roof’s gutter in place. However, new technology has allowed manufacturers to make these components more useful than ever before. These boards may be used along with soffits, which are found between the rafter and the board. These three pieces can be made of various materials and feature different coatings that help to enhance their benefits. Fascia boards can also help to increase the aesthetic value of the home. There are various designs available that can help make a home look more visually appealing. Investing in fascia board installation is a smart move for any homeowner because the material will last for many years, provide protection to the exterior.

A fascia board holds the gutters in place and prevents moisture from entering the roof and causing damage.The fascia is a board that runs along the roofline and acts as a finishing edge or trim that connects to the ends of the rafters and trusses.
Fascias are visible from the exterior of the home and typically hold gutters in place. Most fascia boards are wooden, but they can also be made from vinyl, aluminum and plastic.
The primary function of the fascia is to protect the roof and the interior of the home from moisture by blocking its entrance. Fascias also play an aesthetic role, because they create a smooth, even appearance along the roof's edge.
House fascia can be vulnerable to damage if water gets behind the board. Primary causes include clogged gutters, improper shingle overhang.

Protecting the fascia board
One way to protect the fascia is to install a drip edge, which is an L-shaped piece of metal that is nailed into the roof’s decking. It sits below the first layer of shingles and deflects water away from the fascia board.
“It goes around the fascia board and protects the area from rot and from water going up and under your shingles. “We highly recommend installing it.”
A metal drip edge should be a part of all roof installs, but warns that some roofing contractors will not install them as a way to cut costs.

Homeowners can examine their roofs for fascia damage by looking for cracks, splinters or discoloration. If you're uncomfortable with heights, consider getting a roof inspection. Heavy water exposure will cause rotten fascia boards to detach from the house. Fascia board replacement should take place immediately to prevent further damage to the shingles and to the soffit.